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Speed Perks Omnichannel

Loyalty programs are imperative to retaining and attracting customers. A multichannel campaign was created to spread the word about this key initiative. Every customer touchpoint was covered, from custom in-store endcap designs and mobile-optimized emails to event flyers and social posts.

Interactive Visual Aid

This iPad-based interactive tool was created for pharmaceutical sales representatives to easily outline key data for a diabetes treatment when speaking with healthcare providers. The tool links up with customer relationship management software to keep track of discussion topics and information requests. Representatives can then send mobile-optimized emails from within the system, delivering customized information directly to the healthcare provider.


Ferrero X Ruffino Partnership

This client wanted to create a clean, eye-catching campaign to promote their partnership with Ruffino wines in the Canadian market. A key visual that addressed the needs of both partners was created. That visual informed the look and feel of custom displays, packaging, and banner ads. A bespoke photoshoot was conducted to get just the right lighting and angles on the products to best highlight each element.

Patient Initiation Guide

Sales representatives needed a way to educate healthcare providers (HCPs) on the benefits and best practices for starting their patients on a diabetic treatment. This initiative consists of a 4-page print brochure sales representatives can provide to HCPs, an interactive downloadable PDF containing links to additional information, and a simple, mobile-optimized email to deliver a link for HCPs to obtain the PDF.


Advance Auto Parts Annual Report

Above all, an annual report needs to be accessible and easy to read. Straightforward design and logical hierarchy can help ease fatigue and enhance reader retention of key, but often complex, information. Content was prioritized by removing confusion through thoughtful layout.

Nutella Appreciation Campaign

This client wanted to promote Nutella as a gift-giving experience. Limited edition jars with different sentimental messages were created, lending the products a greeting card feel. In-store signage supported this campaign, along with banner ads and a mobile-optimized microsite that drove engagement by asking consumers to vote on their favorite message in return for an emailed coupon.


Battery Installation Cart

Much like the batteries themselves, the tools Advance Auto Team Members use to complete an install need to last. Previously, the carts provided to stores were plastic and wilted under heavy abuse. These replacement all-metal carts can take more punishment and also have space for valuable branding opportunities, reminding customers of other free services the stores offer.

Patient Profile Email

Email is often the best delivery vehicle for key information relating to therapeutic treatment. It's a tool that doesn't take up much of a healthcare professional's valuable time, but still works hard to convey data. The combination of simple layout and subtle brand cues, optimized for viewing on any device, make the content as digestible as possible.

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