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This client wanted to showcase their complete line of men’s health and personal care (HPC) products. As part of their campaign to drive awareness and sales, they partnered with the NCAA to sponsor the Final Four basketball playoffs. We were tasked with developing a national look and feel that could run across multiple platforms (FSIs, direct mail, in-store tactics, a national sweepstakes, TV spots, web banners and microsites) that leveraged this partnership.

My concept revolved around the notion that the "pregame" (your daily hygiene routine) is essential for every man. Starting the day off right means having the right products to make you feel clean and confident so you can tackle anything life throws at you. Whether your gig takes you to the boardroom or the basketball court these products have you covered.

The main delivery method for this message is the iconic disgruntled coach. He's the guy telling you to "man up" and get your head in the game. Originally, this concept was meant to use a generic coach figure and crop him in such a way that his face was never fully revealed, but the client liked the idea so much that they decided to pay for a celebrity coach endorsement. Once the key visual was approved and finalized, it was used to create a toolkit that was distributed to many retailers and media outlets to be used in additional creative campaigns across the country.

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